On The Road Again…

So we leave tomorrow (Friday, Aug. 3rd) and when I say we – I mean members of our campus ministry, for a student conference in Evansville, Indiana. It is an annual thing and an awesome conference. It is put on by the NACCM and is called the National Student Conference

There will be between 300-400 college students from all over the US and some other countries coming together for a few days of praise/worship, teaching/challenging, fellowship and fun. So I am sure I will have some wonderful stories to share upon my arrival back home. If nothing else then simply about the fact that we drive STRAIGHT home (about a 13 hour trip) next Wednesday and get in sometime around 1 AM – woooo hoooo. I just love driving for that length of time (notice the sarcasm dripping from that statement).

This year a gracious family in our church is allowing us to borrow their minivan for the trip – so the beloved old “Big Pumpkin” (my incredibly cool ORANGE Nissan XTerra) gets to sit this trip out – aw man! So if ya don’t see anything from me for a few days – the reason is that we are ON THE ROAD AGAIN….. To Be Continued!



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3 responses to “On The Road Again…

  1. Hey! This is a great blog! I’m glad I stumbled upon it! I hope the conference is wonderful. Josh and I first met at the Student conference so Indiana will always hold that special place for me! The worship is awesome too! Safe travels!

  2. Lisa Bennett

    Wow…my brother has his own blog!!! My name mentioned in it is the closest I’ll ever be to blogging (is that the correct terminology??). Have fun in Indiana…I’ll send pics soon.

  3. Chris

    If I have some *thing* like coffee or candy and something to listen to, I’m cool with long stretches especially if I’m driving. But if any of those don’t line up, it usually seems to take forever.

    At least you have a car-full of people to talk to right? Whenever we drive somewhere we usually drive overnight, and my family all end up sleeping. I go as long as I can, that let Isa (my wife) drive for a few hours…

    Hmm now that I think about it, she does better driving than me….

    Ya know I’m not sure if they service around NC, but they got SkyBus up here in Richmond, and I’m fairly sure that at least for only a handful of people, it’s either the same price or possibly cheaper than driving – *but* they only fly to Columbus, OH. Well, that’s near Indiana isn’t it? Got to get a rental car though…

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