Home Hot Home!

Soooooo I am finally back in the good ole Raleigh area after a WONDERFUL trip to Indiana. Once again the leadership of the conference did an outstanding job. We were hit hard with a theme and a challenge about “Don’t Waste Your Life” – a pretty good thing to think about when ya get right down to it.

So after being in Evansville, Indiana (on the campus of Univ. of Southern Indiana – and they were GREAT hosts once again) where it was HOT AS ALL GET OUT – it was nice to be on the road home. We (me and the 3 students in a sweet minivan) made it home in record time – about 11 1/2 hours and were back in Raleigh by 11 PM – it was nice to be in my own house and my own bed – but I am afraid that the heat must have snuck in the back of our van and made the trip with us.

Today it was a record heat of 104 degrees – (the thermometer on my rear-view mirror in my car consistently read between 111 – 115 degrees – once jumping to a mind-blowing 135 degrees – HOLY SMOKES – literally!) So now I am just sittin in my sweltering home and being thankful to finally be back and ready to roll for the year ahead.

A couple highlights of our trip were some challenging words by the main speaker Mr. Randy Gariss who is a senior minister out in Joplin, Missouri – some great workshops one led by a friend and co-minister out in Illinois – Mr. Pete Coco about being challenged to “Pursue Manhood” and be a Godly man – we also had a very eye-opening workshop led by Kent Paris, who is a professional counselor and works in the area of ministering to those in the homosexual lifestyle (he has an incredible testimony from his own life). All of these things were only topped by having the privilege and opportunity to participate in the baptism of Jeremiah – one of our student leaders. I also got a chance to play v-ball for a couple hours with some great students and staff that were attending the conference. It was a wonderful time of fun, fellowship, worship, and the list goes on and on – if ya see me around – don’t hesitate to ask me about the wonderful times.

Well that is pretty much it for now – I am still a lil tired from the long trip home – but I hope to keep updating you on the exciting times of the next few weeks as we “hit the ground running” and start of the new school year!


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