So yeah I got tired of saying “Hey I sent you a message on Facebook – so why not come up with a cool slogan “I face-mailed you” – “hey have you checked your face-mail today?” I mean come on people the revolution begins RIGHT HERE – RIGHT NOW! (to borrow some tunage from Van Halen)

So in the good spirit of everything Al Gore – I AM CLAIMING THAT FACE-MAIL is MINE ALL MINE – but I openly give it to the people of all the land! I am sharing my good fortune with you all – freely you have received and freely you shall now give – FACE-MAIL to the masses!

Facebook creators – CHANGE THE NAME on the page – no longer the generic “messages” make it innovative and call it “FACE-MAIL”

Join me people of all the land!


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One response to “FACE-MAIL IS ALL MINE!!!

  1. Gregory

    Thank you Lord Alligood! Thank you, Master…

    -person of the land

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