I’ve been everywhere man….

Okay so first I guess I must apologize (well as if anyone cares how long it has been) for taking 2 and a 1/2 months to write a new entry – YIKES – I had no idea it had been this long. I guess nobody really cared or missed it ha ha ha – but I had made a committment to doing better with this – but I let it slip because lately I feel like the people on that “Choice Hotels” commercial where they are singing about being everywhere (original song is from Johnny Cash)

So since my last update I have been to
“Roanoke Rapids the weekend around labor day
the next weekend softball in Elizabeth City I did play;
followed that with a trip to Virginia, Christianburg and Newbern to be exact
then finally back to Raleigh where I finally got unpacked –
While at home for a few I tried to catch back up
our group built a shack and collected money in a cup
Then off to a retreat where we packed out the camp
It was a great time and I was becoming the travel champ
Now on to October where I found myself with tons of speaking
@ RBC with 300 youth is where I ended up with little sleeping
Back to Raleigh for Fall Break and @ C4 is where I did some filling in
Then to Greenville for a CCF Reunion – saw lots of friends & even some kin
Followed that with preaching in Wilson for a minister on vacation
Back to Greenville for meetings and a b-day celebration
Last weekend @ “The Path” found in the heart of the “Original” Washington
Many miles traveled and sermons preached but all in all it was fun!

Yeah I’ve been everywhere man…”
– and thus the reason my inbox is full and my responses have been slow – and my blog has suffered like every lawn and field in the drought ridden Raleigh area.

I am going to work harder at this though – I have been inspired by a friend who shares his daily thoughts from his time in the WORD each day on his blog – and so I am going to attempt to something a lil similar. Some will be thoughts from the daily devo and some will be some just random thoughts I have had laying around in the vast recesses of my mind that I want to get down in some sort of writing – and what better place than for others to be able to share their feedback and criticisms – oh what a wonderful world of technology we have.

So as I continue to be “everywhere man” I also want to be right here – sharing my thoughts and experiences and looking for the opportunity to hear back from all of you! That’s all for today!


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