46 Minutes of Smacked in the Face!

Yo Yo Yo Everyone – so I took some heat about the length of my last post – oh well You’ll get over it – of course people made jokes about the fact that I am longwinded in both preaching and writing – oooooo sooo funny! ha ha ha  Actually it is – it’s okay with me.

So today I just have a lil something to share with you – I am trying to do better at listening to podcasts on my 35 min drive in to work each day and I wanted to share a lil about the one I listened to today.  My favorite speaker and true “Man after God’s Own Heart” has got to be Francis Chan.  Francis is the lead minister at Cornerstone Church in Simi Valley, CA – if you are familiar with the collegiate “Passion” movement then you are probably already familiar with him.  I love his passion for God and for God’s truth to be spoken in our culture without watering it down.  Kudos and God’s continued Merciful blessings on Francis and his family and the rest of the leaders and servants out @ Cornerstone – keep up the great work!

Today he smacked me and hopefully many of you if you choose to be up for the challenge with a podcast from back in June entitled “Holiness”.  (to listen click on this link and download the June 15 – Holiness podcast – but if you do be prepared to be challenged in mighty ways about your commitment to Christ)

Francis challenges all of us (remember this is on Father’s Day when so often we hear a light-hearted challenge to be “better dads”) about the dangers of sexual immorality from the passage found in 1 Corinthians 6:15-20.  He shares an eye-opening story from a recent trip on the “Passion” tour to Uganda that can speak volumes to all of us as we sit and worship God with our words & songs but deny him with our actions and lives.  What a mighty call to the REALITY of what God has asked of us.

I admire the way he challenged the people near the end – basically saying if you cannot flee this evil and immorality that it might be time to flee the church, because of the damage we do to the body when we choose to continue in our sin – I love how Francis is able to share harsh words that are uncomfortable to hear, but then at the same time unleashes the mighty and awesome power of God’s Grace for anyone that is caught up in these sins to be able to come back and turn their lives back over to God.  He makes a great challenge about how we are “bought with a price” and that means everything in our being is now God’s.  

We often live wanting to take back our eyes, words, speech, actions, etc – just for  a moment to do what we want to do and THEN give it back over to God.  Some real strong stuff to think about.

I invite you all to go check it out and listen and invite God as David said in Psalm 139 – to “search our hearts and see if there is any unclean thing in them”.  I know that I have spent some time doing that exact thing this morning.  Thanks Francis for the wonderful reminder – thanks God for allowing a timeless message that has not changed from when you gave it to Paul to be shared in a new way by a true servant.

WHAT IF?…………   What if we would get serious about this and truly live this out – this causes me to think about a few posts I would like to make entitled –    WHAT IF?

Have a great day everyone!



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3 responses to “46 Minutes of Smacked in the Face!

  1. Carrie Ann

    FYI- Fairmount Christian puts podcast on their website if you are interested.

  2. Dude,

    That was an awesome message! Wow.

    Thanks for posting, I had already downloaded it but was yet to listen to it.

    Can we be that bold in speech? I hope so.

  3. Kristi Dunn

    I’m enjoying the blog : ) Brings back CCF memories . . . but in this one I can’t help but point out that you forgot something. You are also somewhat long-winded on voicemail messages. Amber and I still refer to a really long message, that gets cut off by the machine, and never really answers the question that was asked . . . as a “Neal” message. Lots of love! : )

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