So I have been meaning to get this started the last couple days, but just haven’t sat down to get it rolling – part of the reason is there is a FLOOOOOD of stuff I want to discuss in this, but I know I can’t put it all in one blog.  Actually I am even thinking about this being a “spin-off” secondary blog – but we shall see.  So please bear with me as I attempt to get my thoughts all out.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about WHAT IF – now typically that mantra brings to mind the idea of a “hypothetical” situation ie: “what if the brakes go out when you are driving – what do you do”  “what if the storm wipes out the gulf-coast”  “what if I mess up at this particular thing or that”   “what if…..”   you fill in the blank.  If you know me then you might know that many times I think that for the most part “what if’s ” are stupid – no one will know exactly what they will do in any given circumstance (probably talking more the major “what if’s” of our life – like “what if I was faced with dying for my love relationship with Jesus or dying for my family – or what if I had the chance to step in and be the hero in a situation but it would risk my life” – those are the things that I think can derail you because you can’t know for sure and it usually turns into unproductive time spent thinking about it.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t believe you should plan and prepare for situations you might face in the real world – but I still think there can be a danger of worry and not trusting in a Faithful Father that I have.  I try to live my life by a mantra (or an ‘axium’ as Bill Hybels puts it)  “Expect the Best, Prepare for the Worst” – my idea here is that I need to plan for something unusual or maybe even bad to happen and how would I prepare – but instead of letting that dominate my thinking and thus leading to WORRY – I will actually EXPECT the BEST to happen.  I think there is a hint of a skeptical realist in me that battles with an extreme optimist.

So this is where I think the “What If?” comes into play for me.  I think a lot about “What If?” something great happened through something I have done, or those around me have done, or due to a team I am on or the church family in which I am involved.  “What If?” I stopped relying so much on myself and allowed more of God to permeate my life – what sort of things would take place – WHAT might happen IF I simply was humble, loving, and obedient to God’s way – that is when I think the “What If?” becomes exhilarating and legitimate to think about.

At this point I have only touched the tip of the iceberg of the specific “What if?’s – so I think I shall continue this in a place all it’s own.  A place where you can share your own hopes/dreams and “WHAT IF”s – a place where I will be more free to share some of my own – as well as also delve into some of the challenging biblical examples of “What If”s – so if you want to keep in touch – if you want to be involved – if you want to share your journey PLEASE FEEL FREE!

Check out the WHAT IF’s Page!  I am gonna try it on a page on this blog instead of starting a whole new blog – but I would love to see some traffic & responses – also keep check as I will post/reply some of my own thoughts there as well.


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