Guess who beat “the man”…

OH YEAH – ladies and gentlemen after many months, hours of painful phone calls, many dealings with people that could not know any LESS about their own job – THE SAGA HAS FINALLY ENDED!!!!

The irony is that I had just used this as an illustration in my sermon on Sunday and then the check arrived the very next day – hhhhmmmm maybe I should do that more often!

NEAL HAS BEATEN “THE MAN” that’s right I finally won the victory over the IRS – the checks came in the mail just yesterday.  (It was such an exciting victory that Amy – the mom of the home where I live – called me as soon as the mail came in to let me know that the checks had arrived)

VICTORY IS MINE ha ha ha ha – was it worth it you ask?  HECK NO but at least a lil satisfaction – in fact I even got about $3.80 more than I had expected – wooooo hoooooo   – Take that all you bureaucratic buffoons! 

I also got my $85 back from the CPA who messed the account up in the first place – so things are finally at peace once again in the land of Neal’s taxes! ha ha ha 

Okay so enough of that silliness – a quick reminder – did anyone read the previous post about being an “abolitionist” – you really should do that!


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  1. wow, you’re the man! Stick it to the man! haha. Congrats.

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