Not sure how many of you caught this lil interview that Robin Roberts did with Oprah Winfrey at the Obama rally last night.  Please check it out – click on the Pic below to link to the video page on ABC’s site.


The clip is about 5 minutes long and it is Oprah basically sharing a lot of thoughts about the election.  Now if any of you read my post yesterday (about me not voting) you know I am not playing any political role.  I just found this interview very intriguing and was curious what others thought of what she had to say.

I have formed some opinions of my own but I’d really like to hear yours to see if I am off-base or pretty much on track.  If you are in total agreement or at least on the same basic page just share why and try not to attack anyone else who disagrees.  Now if you have issue with what she had to say please don’t make any personal or racial attacks just share your criticism. 

I just wasn’t sure how much this clip was “hitting” the airwaves and figured I’d help it make the rounds – thanks for any feedback you might have!



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8 responses to “Oprah Win-FREE TO SHARE HER OPINIONS…

  1. Laurie

    Thank you so much for posting this about Oprah.
    I thought it was wrong about what she said about drug addicts.
    Was Oprah drinking last night?
    I feel different about Oprah now.

  2. concerned

    What is this all about?
    Drug addicts VOTE, that makes no sense!
    Did they just see the name Obama?
    Could they draw a straight line?
    Sad, Sad!

  3. jp

    I had a similar moment of discomfort as she uttered those words. I am not sure what she meant, however based on her cluelessness, I cannot help but think that her true opinions of people with substance dependency issues were revealed. Chalk foot in the mouth for Oprah!

  4. LW

    Of course drug addicts should be able to vote if they’re American citizens. It’s their right (to choose to vote 😉 ). I think she meant she wasn’t being elitist, and was happy to see anyone taking pride in their freedom that day.
    I thought it was interesting what she said about how she felt it would be a loss of her soul (or more aptly I think she meant she had a moral obligation to herself). Its so easy for people to see only a couple of moral issues here, but there are huge moral issues around the world, like the thousands of innocent people (adults and children) who have been oppressed by countries being paid by US right now. Or corruption that we have turned our eyes from for our own comforts, when there was a right way, but it wasn’t easy. That she was willing to vote for a man who certainly will be raising her taxes, because she believes in what he is saying, even if it doesn’t come to pass, that is the moral obligation for her, to hope for something better, even if it means a sacrifice to her, and I have to say just taking that kind of chance is commendable.
    Rock on Oprah!
    PS-generally she annoys me, for the record…

  5. sb

    Thank you for posting this. I was online first thing yesterday morning looking to see if I heard what I thought I did. I only found one blog at that time. I too was shocked by her comment and thought it was a really cruel thing to say. I lost a LOT of respect for her. I think a formally apology is due to those women she spoke of but it appears the media is omitting those comments she made!

  6. rod

    “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”. Matt. 12:34

    sometimes even how we suppress what we feel, we cannot tame our tongue.
    Freedom makes people say what they want to say. When you’re free then you will know who you are..

  7. Marty

    I have not been upset through this election once, until Tuesday night. I had to rewind the interview on my D.V.R. I never liked Oprah to begin with, but that interview with Robin Roberts there shows you how EFF’ED our country is going to be now that all these left wing liberals have taken over D.C. They are so far out in left field that even Kerry has to look with binoculars to his left just to find them. It really shows you where they stand. I hope everyone that jumped onto the Oprah “Hope Won” bandwagon is happy that they will have a front seat to see this great country we all love go to hell. 55% of the population will be on welfare by March, 2009. Trickle down on that America. You know just as well as me that Oprah used these “Crackheads” for her Dog and Pony show. Shame on her and shame on the people that grasp to her every word. Sure hope the G.O.P. has a young hispanic candidate for 2012.

  8. Marty

    Just for the record, the “Marty” above is not me (Anderson)… It’s a different “Marty”. I personally only got irritated when she spoke of Obama’s win as “what we all wanted”. And that she was glad to be “on the right side of history.” It’s not what we ALL wanted…it’s not what nearly half of Americans wanted, just a simple majority. And only history will show whether voting for Obama was the right thing to do, and even then it will be a matter of opinion.

    It’s not that Oprah isn’t entitled to her opinion, but it struck me as a very elitist thing to say.

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