A lil “Uncle Neal” Fun….

So a couple weeks ago I went over to babysit my nieces so that Lisa & Jeff could go out to dinner and for some shopping.  Instead of the typical “watch a cute video and play some games” routine – ole uncle neal came up with some fun of their own.  We decided to make our own lil movie to surprise mom & dad (we also knew it would delight the grandparents as well).  So the video you are about to witness is what we ended up with.

Some of you may have already seen this on my facebook page or on youtube but I figured this gives an avenue for others to see – and I think Maddy & Macy are quite the lil hams FO SHO!

Hope you enjoy!



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2 responses to “A lil “Uncle Neal” Fun….

  1. Too cute! Yay for Uncle Neal! Charlotte gave it 2 thumbs up, even though one was in her mouth…

  2. lsaufley

    I just think it’s too cute thinking about Uncle Neal babysitting. Awww . . . how sweet!

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