What in THEEE Heck – Video – Update!!

Okay so by now I guess many of you checked out the video that I posted yesterday that I entitled “What in THEEE HECK???” cause I was really unsure of what in the world those people were thinking.  It left many who watched the video feeling awkward, uncertain, and maybe weird, but at the same time was hilarious.

Today I am back to share some info about the video with you.  As I worked at a senior high week of camp at Park Springs Christian Center back in NC – I often times told the students that “I am nothing if not a FAIR man” – if often became my signature opening to the “mail call” time (which is a whole other set of stories in and of itself).  So being true to my word I wanted to be a “FAIR” man to this group of senior citizens in this video as I am sure they have taken their fair share of being “slammed” about this performance.

I had decided to do this 2nd part after I finally found a description about the video last night on youtube that gave it some more clear explanation.  Then something even cooler happened.  Last night a guy commented on my blog – his name is Philip, and he is one of the ministers at the church where this little gem was performed.  The church is First Baptist Church of Columbia, SC.  I was pumped that Philip took time to respond and leave a comment on the blog explaining what the deal was – SO THANKS PHILIP FOR HELPING TO CLEAR THINGS UP & FOR HAVING A GREAT SENSE OF HUMOR ABOUT ALL THIS!

So here’s the deal – this church was having a youth retreat – the Theme was “You’ve Got Talent” and they were having a talent show as a part of the retreat.  (anyone that has EVER worked camp or youth events know how the kids get pumped over talent shows)  They showed this video of the senior choir as a “late submission” for the talent competition at the start of the retreat to sort of kick things off – so it was TOTALLY a joke and not serious at all.  (whew that is good cause I know some places that would try and reach the “culture” with something like that and have no clue how stupid it really was but they do it just trying to be cool – so I am thankful it was not that)

Philip says the kids LOVED IT and had a blast and the older folks really enjoyed it and it did a lot to help break down the generational barriers (which is FANTASTIC cause if you have ever had any dealings with church you know that those can be some huge barriers).  So I think it is AWESOME and completely amazing that these older people were willing to do something like this.  In fact the more I watch it and think about it – I think it is something that I don’t believe I have EVER heard of before.  I definitely think EVERY ONE of those older folks should be shown GREAT APPRECIATION – do something REAL SPECIAL for them (maybe treat them to a concert by Nelly???? ha ha ha) cause that took a lot of care and concern for the spiritual lives of those youth at the retreat, to just put themselves out their and make fools of themselves if it would in the end connect and help challenge the youth.

I also read where it was a challenge as well about what “media” choices each of us make every day – the things we watch and listen to and immerse ourselves in.  If it would make us “uncomfortable” or feel extremely awkward to hear our grandparents or parents or anyone older that we respect sing these lyrics or act out the performances – then maybe that should tell us something about whether or not we should be listening to or watching it ourselves????   just a thought

Anyway – I think this church and these people should be applauded for their DEFINITE “outside the box” thinking and performing in this situation.  I wish there were more people like this who are willing to do whatever it takes to connect the younger generations to the truths of what God has in store for their lives.  So thank you to each and everyone one of you men and women who performed in that video – I would have to completely and totally agree with the words of a great theologian MC HAMMER – you all in that video will forever be able to say “CAN’T TOUCH THIS”!



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4 responses to “What in THEEE Heck – Video – Update!!

  1. Now maybe they can get the young folks to sing some old hymns…

  2. LOL…I actually thought some of those elderly people looked familiar! Probably because I have seen them in the grocery store or Wal-mart…good ole’ Columbia, SC! That’s pretty funny 🙂

  3. Chris

    Speaking of older people singing stuff, have you heard of the documentary Young@Heart? Check it out… you can find the trailer but I’ll link to a youtube clip of a guy singing some Coldplay:

  4. Marty

    I laughed out loud, by myself in the office, until I almost peed. …You can leave your hat….I mean collar on…

    I ditto everything you said, Neal. But here’s the problem: I don’t think the kids who come to my church would feel uncomfortable about the lyrics of those songs – I just don’t think it dawns on them the difference between filth and casual conversation or that there’s anything wrong with it. They might think the juxtaposition is funny, but not inappropriate – and that would be frightening if they don’t get it – but they may just be that desensitized.

    I’m willing to make an experiment of it, to see how they react – but I’m honestly afraid that they will be – dare I say it – “comfortably numb” to it.

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