Wii LOVE sarcasm!

If you love sarcasm just half as much as I do – then you will absolutely LOVE THIS VIDEO – maybe you’ve seen it already, but even so I am sure you will still laugh!

For all those who are “sucked” into the enigma known as Wii Fit —-

Let me know what ya think!  Tell me your favorite phrase or part!



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3 responses to “Wii LOVE sarcasm!

  1. joe snow

    “…wii fit looks great with anything from ikea…” hahaha! best line.

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  3. Chris

    That’s quite funny (even though I’ve seen it a LOT), but I wonder… if you own and love your wii, would this make you mad? Hmm.

    Yeah, our neighbors have one and we’ve talked about getting one, but I’m really wanting to give the kids some really interesting stuff to do outside for a few years first. Goal one is to build a really big treehouse – but we’ll see how big it is once I start on it…. 🙂

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