A pretty solid day – all around…

So I feel like we had a really good day @ C3 today (Christ’s Church @ Cobb).  It was my first Sunday back after heading back to NC for post Christmas and some New Year’s visitation with family and friends, and I was really happy to be back with the church family.  We had a wonderful day of fellowship, worship, and the word!

We started a new series last week called $PENT – it is all about finding a solid financial plan that God lays out for us (NO – not all about how we just want people to give us more money).  We are dealing with some MAJOR financial depression all around us, but God has a better plan in store for us.  

Jeff did another SOLID job today laying out some of these thoughts – you can check out our sermons online HERE and also subscribe through itunes.  I would encourage you to check it out.  Also we showed some pretty funny videos.  One of them was the one I posted in my last post about Wii Fit.  Jeff was talking about how we do so much “impulse” buying and how that gets us into trouble.  So we challenged everyone to try this – “Pray before you Pay”.  So we showed the parody Wii Fit video and then showed the following picture to sort of remind them in a funny way….

wii-wait001We are trying to help people grasp the idea that if you can wait and not buy “in the heat of the moment” you end up making a lot fewer bad purchases.

I think it all went over really well and the people were encouraged.  We all could do a better job of not allowing our money or stuff to control us and instead us start to control our money and to use to to do better things for the Kingdom and for ourselves and families.

But today was also a solid day all the way around in a couple other ways.  I want to share a couple other exciting things going on for you to check out.  Some good friends of mine are a part of an exciting new church work in the Midlotian/Richmond area of Virginia called New Venture Christian Church.  Today they did sort of a “relaunch” as they moved from the movie theatre where they were meeting and into a local school setting.  They were really pumped up about the big day.  I have spoken with one of them and they said they had a great day and about 300 in attendance.  It has been exciting to watch them all going through this process and to be sharing with them and praying for them.  You should really check them out!

Then there is a friend of my brother in law Jeff – his name is Vince Antonucci (check out his blog) who this weekend was sharing his last message at the church he started over 10 years ago back in Virginia Beach, VA (church is called ForeFront) – the reason he is leaving is to head out west, like the pioneers of the old days – but instead of staking a claim on some land or getting caught up in the gold rush – he is been guided by God to go out and start a new church work ON THE STRIP of Las Vegas.  That’s right actually ON THE STRIP – WOW what an exciting adventure – you REALLY REALLY should check it out.  The new work is called “Verve” – they are planning some very intriguing things to reach the people in the land known as “Sin City”.

Finally another reason for excitement this weekend was ANOTHER new church work that was getting up and running right here in the HEART of Atlanta.  A young man by the name of Shaun King (no real way to describe his story without you going and reading it on your own – some truly miraculous stuff!) and his family and some friends have been pierced to the heart about the city of Atlanta.  They had their launch service today for Courageous Church – (GOTTA CHECK IT OUT).  From what he shared on his blog they had a lil over 600 in attendance and some real exciting things going on.

Whew – just reading back over all these things gets my blood pumping and heart pounding even faster (and NO that is not the anger adrenaline still flowing from the Tarheels loss tonight @ Wake Forest – if anything that would be casting a shadow of discouragement over this day – but hey I guess we can’t have it all – so I’ll settle for these exciting Spiritual Victories!).  This reminds me that all in all – with all the things that may be going on that are bad – God is doing some TRULY AMAZING and AWESOME things – not only in our local church body, and not just in our city, and not only on our coast – BUT ALL ACROSS THIS COUNTRY and EVEN THE WORLD.  Sort of reminds of some things Jesus said – something about “being witnesses, in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth”.

So yeah I think today was a pretty solid day – hope yours was pretty good too!



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2 responses to “A pretty solid day – all around…

  1. Chris

    I totally dig the wii wait concept – that’s so true. But no link or embed of the video? I’ve seen the wii fit parody several times, but that wii wait I’d love to link to! I can understand if someone else made it…

    Yeah the New Venture relaunch was pretty awesome!

  2. Hey Chris – there was no Wii Wait video – sorry for confusion – we showed the parody video as a bit of humor and then just showed the “slide” of Wii Wait (that is the image I had posted in the blog post) – we came across that stuff late in the week and didn’t have time to pull off a “Wii Wait” video – so there really was nothing else to embed/link to. Sorry to disappoint ha ha ha – glad to see ya back on the blog trail and hopefully doing better!

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