“Serves You RIGHT”….

Oh yeah that’s the name of my new volleyball team (and for all those out there saying – that is sooo cheesy – big shocker I bet Neal came up with it – well Survey says AAAHH wrongo – but it did make me smile – my new buddy Roland came up with it – Oh Yeah – someone else out there that thinks like me!!!)

So after about a 5-6 year layoff (and how obvious it is to see how out of shape I am) I finally have found a place to get plugged back into some good volleyball action.  I had forgotten just how much I enjoy the game and the environment.  I played pretty regular for about 10 years and then had WAY TOO LONG of a layoff.  So I started searching around once I hit up the ATL to try and find some places to play.  I found this group online that gets together and plays and also has info on tournaments and leagues.  So I joined up and last night was our first get together.

And when I say FIRST I mean – it was a group of people that had not only not ever played together, but never MET ha ha ha – it was a trip.  I had a great time getting to meet the gang and we definitely didn’t have the “team chemistry” down pat just yet.  Although we do all get along pretty well and had a good time laughing and joking.  So I am looking forward to hanging more with James, Andy, Shonda, Jaxx, and Lyndsey and even getting a chance to meet our other player Maiysha who couldn’t be there last night.

So we lost 2 games and won 1, but I think we were able to get back into the swing of it (get it SWING ha ha ha ooo there I go again).  The gym is this old school church gym – in fact it looks like maybe probably one of the earliest church “family life centers” that there ever was.  It does have a decent wood floor (at least we think – it had about 9 layers of dust on it so it was pretty tough to see the actual floor).  The big old school hanging lights, that take just a shade under 27 minutes to “warm up” and turn on fully, and that white paper/plastic covering of the insulation that runs along the top of the walls of the metal framework – you know so when a ball hits it it pops a hole and you can see the imprint of EVERY bit of the pounding it has taken.  I also love those old school heaters that leave the room semi-warm but then in certain spots it is about 107 degrees (but at least it is a DRY heat ha ha), you know that kind of heat that can instantly melt your contacts directly to your retinas.

Anyway that’s where we play and that’s my squad – we play every Monday night (last night was @ 10 PM YIKES didn’t get home till about Midnight) – so I am pretty amped and looking forward to a good season and having a great time meeting new friends.  So keep an eye out for some exciting stories from Neal’s “world of sports”!

Oh and did I mention I was only SLIGHTLY SORE today – not too shabby for someone that has not done that but like 5 times in the last 3 years!  I gotta figure out some other stuff to do in an effort to keep in better shape so I can get back to better v-ball form.

So that’s the exciting new news going on for me – hope ya’ll are doing well!



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2 responses to ““Serves You RIGHT”….

  1. V

    It’s very scary to think that there is someone else out there that think like you. And even scarier that you two will be in the same room on a regular basis. :o)

  2. Love the team’s name. Talking about those lights cracked me up. They had some like that at camp. Have to turn them on when someone’s praying a long one…then by the time they’re finished…voila! Lights!

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