frigidOH Yeah – it is bitter cold outside (now before any of you yahoos from up North start sending in comments about “oh it’s 77 degrees below zero – yadda yadda yadda – we are talking relatively speaking – THIS IS “HOTlanta” and even if not relative – it is COLD OUTSIDE) – this morning @ 8 AM it said the temperature was 11 degrees and a wind chill made it feel like ZERO – WHAT?  What in THE WORLD is that about – ZERO – ZIP – ZILCH – NADA!  Good Grief.

Okay so enough about the cold – well almost – have you seen that FEDEX Commercial about “Nordic Tuesday” ??  – WATCH IT – HILARIOUS!

(I love the woman trying to warm her hands up by the laser light of the copier, but top spot goes to the “hacked off” guy in the bathroom turning on hand dryer to warm himself up – ha ha ha ha)

Anyhoo – so Fridays are pretty weak in terms of getting much work done, seeing very many e-mails come through, and also for blog traffic.  So I have decided to try and come up with a lil Friday Routine that would make it worth your while to stop by and visit.

So for right now I am gonna just post a FUNNY FRIDAY VIDEO – while I wait to hear any suggestions for what YOU MIGHT LIKE TO SEE (a varitable viewer’s choice) here on Fridays – so START LETTING ME HEAR YOUR THOUGHTS!!!

And now to the video – hope you enjoy!


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One response to “FRIGID FRIDAY!!!

  1. lsaufley

    Babies getting injured. That’s hilarious, Neal.

    : ) OK–so really I did laugh a little bit.

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