Open Gym V-ball – OH YEAH!

Aww man – got to do some pretty cool v-ball playing today.  I have met a few more friends through this new v-ball league I am in and they told me about and “open gym” on Sunday afternoons not too far from where I live.  So I headed over there about 2 PM and we played till about 5 PM.  It was pretty good ball and got to meet some new people, which is always ALL GOOD.  I didn’t play all that well, still trying to get back into a rhythm and “find my swing”, but still good times.  I can tell my back and legs are getting sore from all this new activity – (MAN I AM SOOO HORRIBLY OUT OF SHAPE) – but I did play v-ball two times this week and ran on the treadmill 3 different days – SO WOOT WOOT I am slowly but surely getting back into it all.

So Team – “Serves You Right” suits up for there 3rd match of the season tomorrow night – hope it continues to be better play as we learn some serious team chemistry and shake off all the rust.

Aight well I am pretty whooped and need to get a shower but that’s it for a lil glimpse into my “so called life” this fine Sunday Evening!!!

Hope ya’ll all have a great week as I am getting pumped about my week ahead!

Over and Out from the Dirty South!


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