Funny Friday Video #2

Since the first video was such a quick one – I decided to post another.  Can anyone say CIVILIZED SOCIETY – what is up with this??  Based on how badly these people don’t want to be late for work I would HATE to meet their boss!



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2 responses to “Funny Friday Video #2

  1. I value a little thing called “personal space” a bit too much to ever want to be there!

  2. lsaufley

    Well, this IS in China–don’t you get caned or something over there if you’re late for work?

    This brings back memories of riding on the angkotas (little buses) in Indonesia. We would be literally sitting on top of one another and the bus driver would stop and pick up another person–along with their goat and chicken for good measure! Those Asians sure don’t understand the concept of ‘personal space’!

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