What a Great Saturday!

So here is some of what took place that made this day – quite LOVELY!

Got up this morning to hang out with 2 cool cats – Drew, Zach, and myself hung out while their mom and Grace went and got their “hair did” – played with some trains, a lil bit of “Operation” (which is one game I am HORRIBLE at since it requires a steady hand – aaarrrggghhhh I’ll hear that buzzer in my dreams!)  Then a few games on the Wii and before we knew it the ladies were back home.

Then I got to do my “One Month To Live” reading for the day.  Had to then get up – grab a shower and get dressed so I could get out on the road.  Took a lil road trip to meet up with some of our gang as we met to CELEBRATE the baptism of one of the guys @ our church named Andy – check out the video!

Got back home in time to chill a lil – grab a lil grub – watch a great finish to the Miami – dook basketball game (yeah I know dook won but that’s still okay).  Then followed that up with the TARHEELS putting the “spank” on the wahoos.

Now just sitting around the house, watching some more b-ball and hangin’ out on the internet.  Soon gonna hit they hay to be rested up for a LOOONG but wonderful day tomorrow.  We are in the 2nd Sunday of our “OMTL” Series and then I get to go hang out with a pretty cool gang in my Community Group tomorrow afternoon.

Finally back here tomorrow evening to crash a lil – after what I am sure will be yet another GREAT DAY!  Wish you could be here, cause I know you would love it too!


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