Story of Two Checks!

An envelope arrived in the mail at our office yesterday.  Going to the mailbox at the office is an anxious adventure for me each day.  It is always filled with some excitement and anticipation at what may be in store for me through God’s provisions.  You see as someone who is “fundraising” to support themselves in a ministry role – you just NEVER KNOW FOR SURE – but what I do know for sure is that God WILL PROVIDE – just not always sure the method & the timing.


The exciting thing about this particular envelope is that I could tell it was from a banking institution – so you can pretty much assume it is a check.  

Now here is a lil side note for everyone – maybe you are OR maybe you are not aware but people can use their Bank’s Billpay program to do support checks and giving checks for anything down these lines – a lot of people are unaware of this.  I just found this out over the last couple years.  SO ANY OF YOU OUT THERE TRYING TO RAISE FUNDS for an internship, mission trip, new church work etc – this could be HUGE FOR YOU TO CHECK INTO.  People can set up your “ministry opportunity” as a regular billpay and then each month (or however often they choose – can even be a one-time deal) the BANK will cut a check, AND MAIL IT to the person or organization.  This is GREAT since so much of fundraising is just keeping people aware of the need and a reminder to think about it each month.  This saves the donor the trouble of remembering to cut the check and having an envelope and then also saving the cost of the postage – the bank does it ALL for you!  What a great deal!

Now back to our story – so I get an envelope with 2 checks in it – which I just saw happen a couple of months ago for the first time.  You see if you have multiple donors that use the same bank, and their checks get cut at the same time, the billpay program can understand that it is going to the same address and instead of doing 2 separate mailings will just put the multiple checks in the same envelope (ain’t technology grand!!!).  This is cool to me cause it is interesting to see where the checks came from and from whom did they come.

So the 2 checks in this envelope painted a pretty cool & encouraging story that I decided to share with you.  These 2 checks were from 2 separate people, 2 wonderful women of God, who have chosen to bless me through their encouragement, prayers, and support.  They live in VASTLY different places and are in VASTLY different stages of life.  One is younger and still setting the course for her life and the plans for her future, the other is an older woman who has experienced and dealt with so many things in her own faith journey.  They both are very committed to the Lord and give in SO MANY ways to their own churches and to other extremely beneficial organizations and people that also desire to serve the Lord.  They both have also chosen to be a partner with me in this journey I am on.  

One of them sent a check that is not “huge” by the worlds standards, but with knowing how much she gives to other people & places and to another setting of a young church in which she is involved – I know for SURE that this is over and above and a total sacrifice to give and thus I am CERTAIN of the HUGE nature of effect that it has on the Kingdom.  The “smaller” check is also a regular monthly gift and thus also ends up adding up to a lot more by year’s end – but is a great monthly reminder of this person thinking of me and the work I am doing here.  

The other check was a “special gift” – it was of considerable more in actual amount than the first check, but that was because it was part of the profits from the recent sale of a house, in which this person felt the desire to give out of the blessing that God gave her.  This episode is EXACTLY what God’s word shares was going on in the book of ACTS when people were selling their possessions and giving to others as they had need – WOW – I am so excited to be a part of such an awesome adventure!

So I share the story of 2 checks – 2 checks with so much difference all the while sharing SO MUCH IN COMMON – not the least of these being how they impact my life directly!  I am truly encouraged, challenged, and humbled by the commitment to the Kingdom of these 2 wonderful servants of the Lord.  I simply desired to share with all of you how it is not about an amount or a frequency or what we, individually, determine as the “goal” – it is about simply and fully surrendering our WHOLE selves – our time, talents, and treasures to be given to our Heavenly Father to do “immeasurably more than we could ever ask or imagine”  (Ephesians 3:20)

Thank you SO MUCH to these 2 fine examples of sacrifice and giving – along with the approximately 40 some others who have been so generous during this challenging and wonderful time in my life!


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One response to “Story of Two Checks!

  1. Carrie Ann

    Technology is grand and apparently green with just one envelope.

    Keep on working for the expansion of the Kingdom!

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