I guess I owe an apology…

So earlier today I wrote a post from my Stoplight Theology” line about those crazy people that dress up or hold signs or do whatever on the side of the road to draw your attention to their place of business.

As “Murphy’s Law” would have it – AS SOON AS I FINISHED MY POST – remember how I talked about that lame guy with a sign you couldn’t read and the girl with the red/white pom-poms – my brother-in-law comes in my office and asks me if I heard about the deal going on.

I was confused – he and our NEW ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT (YAY for Megan B) had gone out to Staples a bit earlier to get some things done.  On their way they saw the SAME 2 PEOPLE on the side of the road, but they were able to decipher the sign.  It was an add for “Steak & Shake” and how they are celebrating their 75th Anniversary.  They are doing so by having a deal on their “single steak burgers” for 75 Cents – yeah you heard me – $0.75 each.

I started laughing and said that I HAD JUST FINISHED POSTING about the craziness of those people on the side of the road and how it made no sense since I couldn’t see the sign for me to be drawn to their business.  So guess what we did – YEP me and Jeff decided to hit up good ole Steak & Shake for some 75 cent steak burgers!!!!

When we arrived the place was PACKED OUT and it looked like they had been running like mad all day long – so I guess I owe someone an apology – cause it most definitely DID WORK – and worked well for the throngs of people that were rolling through that place.

But I still have to say – I ain’t taking my taxes to get done by someone crazy kid in a Statue of Liberty costume – I DO HAVE MY STANDARDS!!!



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4 responses to “I guess I owe an apology…

  1. Megan

    Wow, a shout out. Guess I’d better be careful about what I say in the office…

  2. Megan

    Are you ALWAYS on the internet?! You commented a minute after I left mine!

    • ha ha ha – got you again – commented once again ONE MINUTE after you commented – maybe I am ONLY on the internet when you are – maybe I have a tracking device – did you ever think of that??? HHHHMMMMM ha ha ha ha – actually I get a notice to my e-mail when I get a comment and that e-mail also goes to my phone – so lots of times even if I am not online I can still know I just got a comment and follow it up – what an interesting world of Technology!

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