A lil bit of a winning streak…

Oh yeah people – Team “Serves You Right” has served it right, passed it right, set it right and hit it right the last couple nights!!!  We have gone 8-1, in games, our last 3 matches over the last 3 weeks!!!  I knew it wouldn’t be long before we “HIT” our stride!!!  I think we are shooting up the ranks as we head into our last match of the regular season next week.  Then the “real deal” starts with the tournament.

It has taken some time but we have finally knocked off a lil of the rust.  We also have a lot of fun doing it.  Sometimes so much fun I think some of the other teams don’t like us that much ha ha ha.  We are a pretty rowdy crew!

Tonight after our 3-0 win we all headed out to get a chance to get-to-know one another a lil better at a sweet lil Cuban/Caribbean joint called “Coco Loco” it was good food and good times.  I think we got a lil outta hand a few times (that Shonda is some kinda crazy ha ha ha).  But it so cool to see the team gelling together so well.

So anyhoo that’s a lil update from my v-ball world – so I wanted to send out a mad “shout out” to the gang – James/Josh, Shonda, Jaxx, Lindsay, Maiysha & Monique (not sure if I spelled that right, who was part of the posse tonight) – but we missed Andy & Leah!  So hopefully I’ll have another great update next week after our final match and finding out where we will be seeded in the big tourney!

Oh yeah Another SHOUT OUT – BIG CONGRATS to Shonda for the exciting news!

That’s all for now – so I’m “Over & Out in the Dirty South”



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2 responses to “A lil bit of a winning streak…

  1. chattynicol

    congrats buddy, I can imagine that there might at some point be a time when playing against you wouldn’t be the most edifying experience.. i don’t dare imagine a whole team of you! 😛 So glad you are well and close to some cuban food… now to get you some salsa dancin shoes!

  2. David White

    Man i miss playing v-ball. Trying to find some places around here. Later.

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