I am second….

So my friend Joe Blanchard sent me a link to a great website called “I Am Second” – you should really check it out.

Here is a clip off the site that I found on youtube.  It is the testimony of Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers.  This guy was a baseball STUD coming out of Raleigh, NC back in 1999.  He attended Athens Drive High School and got drafted by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (yeah back in the day before dropping the “Devil” part).  After a course of events (that he explains well in this video clip) his life fell apart.  

In the last couple years he has gotten clean and gotten back into baseball.  Joining the Rangers in 2007 and coming out like GANGBUSTERS to start the year in 2008.  He made the All-Star game and did you even SEE what he did in the Home Run Derby (does anyone even care that he didn’t win – 28 homers in one round and 35 total – 3 over 500 feet – YIKES) – some really cool stuff so check it out.  It is an awesome testimony.  The site is pretty cool too.


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  1. Lisa Bennett

    Such a great video. It was such a blast to watch him in the home run derby!!! Leave it to me to be crying about a guy hitting homeruns. Thanks for sharing the video!

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