Friday Humor Break…

Hey Everyone – so I have been trying to finish up a sermon for this weekend so the last couple days I have been a lil swamped – (but I am excited about what I am preaching on Sunday so that is great!) – so I am just now getting around to posting a video.

Normally I’d rather post shorter, quick-hitting funny videos, but I decided I couldn’t pass this one up.  It is a lil longer BUT VERY MUCH WORTH THE WATCH.  You may have already seen this going around but I LOVE IT.

It is this woman who called in to the Ellen show – she is a RIOT and should have HER OWN show!  So check it out and hope it kicks your weekend off right!  Her famous line – as you will hear – absolutely makes Ellen LOSE it – HILARIOUS – so enjoy!



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2 responses to “Friday Humor Break…

  1. lsaufley

    Gladys rocks!

  2. Robin

    That was really funny!

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