Drink Responsibly…

If you love Coffee AND/OR you love a great story of Redemption – PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check out this video…

I was at a Church Planting Conference the last 2 days and heard about this AWESOME organization – Land of 1,000 Hills – please go check it out.  

So many of our churches serve coffee as a part of their “hospitality” ministries on Sunday – and so many TONS of coffee are consumed by so many people EACH DAY – WHAT IF we all partnered with this great group and instead of growing Starbucks or Panera we helped grow the Kingdom instead?

** And for those of you who know – me, I DON’T DO THE COFFEE THING and usually have no desire or interest to deal with it all – so the fact I am pushing this should say a lil about how great a deal I think this is!



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3 responses to “Drink Responsibly…

  1. Brandon

    You know me and I drink coffee like a mad man so I will switch to their coffee if I can find it in our area. I still love me some starbucks, but I would be glad to switch brands if it will help someone. Never thought I could make a difference by drinking coffee.

  2. Very cool, Neal. Thanks for sharing. I’ll pass on so maybe we can use this for Harvest North Raleigh!

  3. There is a similar organization that is at work in Illinois called Jamani Java. This is a coffee house which is developing relationships with coffee growers, and there are plans for customers at the coffee house to do mission trips – possibly even to the coffee farms.

    It is great to know that you can make a difference by something as simple as the coffee you drink.

    Plus, there is a whole range of fair trade products out there – coffee, clothes, gifts and jewelry – and many cities of Fair Trade Fairs.


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