The More Things Change, the more they stay the same…

I got a lil reminder about this well known phrase this past weekend.  I had the grand opportunity to head back to my alma-mater, Roanoke Bible College for their annual Homecoming and Gospel Rally (I talked about this some in my last post).

This was truly a memorable weekend since I had the great opportunity to speak on Friday morning for the Alumni Speaker session.  Some of you all have mentioned that you wished you could have been around but were unable to get there – so if you have any interest in checking out the session you can find a link to the sermon here, you can right click on the link to download the sermon(the recording is a lil fuzzy but overall pretty good)

It is always a blast to go back “home” to see old friends and relive great memories, but at the same time to see all the new changes of progress and moving forward for the Kingdom there on the campus @ RBC.  One of the HUGE changes that is taking place is the fact of the “NAME CHANGE” going on for RBC.  This has been a long process filled with a lot of discussion, prayer, and seeking wise counsel.  The school’s Leadership Team unveiled to the RBC family what the new name will be.  

Beginning in July of 09 the school will be known officially as “Mid-Atlantic Christian University” – these are truly exciting, challenging, and anxious times.  I can honestly say that I am extremely proud to have been a part of all of this.  If you are curious as to why all of this is taking place then feel free to go “straight to the source” to find out more info!

So although many things are changing, around my alma-mater – many things have truly “stayed the same” – the wonderful friends, the grand ole stories, the excitement of the future, the tireless servants, and the desire to grow the Kingdom in the ways God would desire!



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2 responses to “The More Things Change, the more they stay the same…

  1. Spenser

    Hey man…I think that the new name change is great. Also I believe that the trustees are all very wise men. To know that they were 100% on this, it makes me feel like God has really been at work. This is a great and exciting time for the college! I definitely am getting my diploma with MACU printed on it. Be blessed brother.

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