Walking in Memphis…

and driving, and eating, and visiting with friends, and buying tickets, and standing, and cheering, and WATCHING MY HEELS PLAY a good team – Gonzaga!!!

Oh yeah tomorrow I am embarking on an awesome journey – heading to Memphis, TN to catch the South Regional Semi-finals (aka SWEET 16) round of the NCAA Tourney.  What a great Road Trip – just too bad I couldn’t get anyone to go with me from around here in the ATL – but at least my cuz Tara is also driving in from Louisville, KY!!!

We will meet up in Memphis tomorrow afternoon and then meeting some friends who live there (THANKS MARIANNE & CORY) to grab some supper and then head to the stadium.  Then back to stay with them that night and then back on the road home Saturday.  It will be a quick but great trip.

Hopefully getting to see the Heels make it on to the Elite 8.  Also getting to see what should be another GREAT GAME between Oklahoma & Syracuse.  Never really thought I’d get to watch Gonzaga, Oklahoma, and Syracuse – so that should be cool too.

Also hopefully I won’t have NEARLY as eventful of a trip home as I did one the way back from the UNC v dook “road trip”!!!

So all you Heels fans – be pulling hard and let’s have a GREAT WEEKEND!


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