Yeah Well Just in Case You CARE!!!

Hey so I thought of a new way for people to stay in touch with what is going on in my life (just in case you really even care ha ha ha).  Since many of you who visit here regularly know me and the journey I am on with regards to Church Planting/New Church Work – I thought “Hey they might like to know more about what I am doing here @ Christ’s Church @ Cobb!”

So each month I do a newsletter to send out to supporters, family, & friends to keep them updated.  So I will start making them available here.

So today I am including links to January, February, & March of 09.  So you can click on the links below and get the pdf of these newsletters (they are only 1 page front & back so it’s not like tons of reading – even some pics for ya ha ha ha) Some of the info is stuff you have already seen here, but some may be new – so check it out if you would like!  Hope you enjoy!

(**You can right clink on link below to save the pdf to your computer or just click on it to view it)

January 09 – Neal’s Apprentice Newsletter

February 09 – Neal’s Apprentice Newsletter

March 09 – Neal’s Apprentice Newsletter


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