Gettin’ Primed for the Weekend!!!

Oh yeah – today will be spent tying up loose ends around the house & office in preparation for my big trip to DETROIT!!!  I got a few things left in the office to do and to finish up some laundry and then do my packing to be able to head out tomorrow.

So the initial plan is to fly out sometime tomorrow – heading to Louisville!  I will meet up with my cousin Tara and then we will hit the road for a 5.5 hour car ride (uh-oh another road trip so watch out!!) up to Detroit.  We should be able to get to our hotel sometime that night and then on Saturday the FUN BEGINS.

We will be around for the big NCAA FINAL FOUR where our beloved Heels will be participating – AND HOPEFULLY winning their 5th National Championship!

So my hope is that I’ll have enough internet access to keep everyone posted on our trip (also will possibly trying out a new video blog feature – which could be AWESOME!!)

So keep checking back for more March Madness Mayhem!!!


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