Neal’s Camry Conversations – Video Style!!!

I’m trying out a lil something new & special.  I figured out today that I can set up a video camera in the corner of my windshield and dashboard of my 1992 Toyota Camry and do a lil video blog action.  Since I have about a 30 min drive to and from the office each day I figured I’d use that time to have a lil fun & also drop a lil knowledge at times.

Thus is the catalyst behind my new featured series that I will entitle “Camry Conversations” – now I understand that since it is just me in the car alone, that it really is more like a monologue, but this is where all of you come into play.  I’d love to hear feedback and suggestions of topics for me to tackle during these lil episodes.

So hit me up with serious questions or concerns you may have that you’d like my thoughts, or maybe ask about stories or memories that I should relive, or just challenge me with stuff and then I’ll follow it up with a video-blog episode.  I really think we could have a lot of fun with this, but it will ONLY TRULY be a CONVERSATION if YOU GET INVOLVED!!!

So check out the introductory episode and then “SUGGEST AWAY”



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3 responses to “Neal’s Camry Conversations – Video Style!!!

  1. Lee

    Can recreate the drive back from the UNC/Duke game? That would be nice.

  2. MJ

    I was thinking the same thing that Lee said. Can you recreate the incident from the drive back to ATL from the UNC/duke game? Just kidding, obviously. Be careful and have fun at the Final 4!

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