“Road To The Final 4” – The NEW Plan

Hey Everyone – check out the latest update!  We are FINALLY here @ the hotel in the Detroit area – figured I’d do a quick upload of my latest webisode.  This is about the madness of my trip plans changing as of yesterday morning and what the NEW PLAN looked like.

So enjoy!



Filed under Camry Conversations, Final 4, My So Called Life, Road Trips

4 responses to ““Road To The Final 4” – The NEW Plan

  1. Danielle Merlen

    Neal! I love this idea. I applaud your commitment to your team. Have fun!

  2. rock and roll… road trip! Be safe

  3. Robin

    Didn’t you just almost total your car because you were driving and texting. What are you doing talking and driving….you are crazy. No wonder you wreck so many cars .

  4. Mel-O

    Did I hear you say something about AirTran?

    Too bad you don’t have any Wendy’s cups. Eh, oh well.

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