Final 4 Finances – How in the World??

So as many of you know I just got back in from my UNREAL EXPERIENCE of traveling to the Final 4 to watch the Tar Heels play & WIN the 2009 NCAA Men’s Basketball NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

I finally sat down this morning to figure up the final costs of the trip to see just how FORTUNATE & BLESSED I was to have been able to do something like this on a limited budget.

So here is what I have deduced – 

Travel cost of Gas for driving Friday morning through return late Tuesday night, Atlanta to Cincinnati (left my car there and rode with my cousin from there to Detroit) and back home again  + food costs during the entire trip + accomodations & hotel costs (well that was provided, thanks Rob & Renee & Nadia for providing a place to crash on Friday night, as well as Thanks Stephens Crew for the Hotel hook-up)  +  Tickets to ALL FINAL 4 GAMES & Hoop City festivities (thanks CBS lady for getting those for FREE!!)  +  1 National Championship T-shirt bought @ stadium   +   2 Final 4 Game Programs   +  any other “incidentals” such as riding the “People Mover” around Detroit as well as paying to park for the games      ===   GRAND TOTAL   ===  Approx.  $300  for the ENTIRE TRIP!!!

That is basically $300 for 5 days – so about $60 PER DAY for this AMAZING EXPERIENCE – even after doing all the math – I am still completely amazed – Thanks for everyone who helped out and participated.  Thanks for checking out my videos (there are still more to come to wrap up the whole trip) and thanks to GOD cause there is NO DOUBT HE BLESSED us with so many of these things – there is no rhyme or reason as to why, but I TOTALLY know that HE did – so there is NO DOUBT that we must give credit where credit is due – SO THANKS GOD!!!


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