Camry Conversations – “SHOUT OUTS” Edition!

Hey Ya’ll – giving some sweet SHOUT OUTS to some of my friends & blog followers!

Check it & leave me some feedback for future WEB-isodes!



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3 responses to “Camry Conversations – “SHOUT OUTS” Edition!

  1. “Man of the People”, that is great. You made me laugh out loud. Shout out right back at ya! Istead of using the flip video, you should attach a helmet cam. That way you could keep your hands free to focus on the road, but we could still see and hear you. Just an idea. 🙂

  2. i think you should definately have a camry convo in a drivethrough (drive-thru?) and get the person in the DT to tell you a joke.

    It’d be great to see you pick up a hitch hiker too.

    you don’t have to thank me for my superbly great ideas…I’m just a little man feeding ideas to the man of the people….haha…. actually, I just got a flip camera and plan to do some video blogging myself (and a mac….FINALLY) so maybe we can form nice little community of hip blogginators.

  3. Jen Cox

    You can call me Jen, or you can call me Jennifer, just don’t call me CQ. HA!! I was angry at you a lot. Man I love that. You will forever be the nicest mean person I have ever known. Thanks for the shout out.

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