Nothing Runs Like a Deer!

Today I saw one of the CRAZIEST things ever.  We finally finished cleaning & packing up after our church services today.  Once we got the trailer loaded and were all heading out to go eat lunch, I had to take one of the guys from church back to his house.  We got to the end of the long driveway that leads up to the school where we meet on Sundays to turn back onto the main road.  We were sitting there waiting for traffic to clear so we could turn left (there is a pretty tough curve and there is not a good line of sight for oncoming traffic).

There were a couple cars that came around the bend so I knew I could not pull out – when ALL OF A SUDDEN a flash of something came out of the woods on our right side, headed DIRECTLY INTO THE ROAD.  It was 2 pretty good sized deer – running at TOP SPEED, yet at the same time it was all sort of happening in slow motion.  We watched as the cars tried to brake in time and the big deer in the front went flying across the road, narrowly missing the front end of an oncoming SUV – the second deer being slightly behind ended up being able to run behind the couple cars that were on the road.  I couldn’t believe this crazy scene – but then it got even more crazy!

Another car had slowed down to a complete stop and was sitting in the turn lane after avoiding all the madness.  Then all of a sudden a third deer came flying out of the woods, when its feet hit the pavement it was scrambling all over the place, headed directly toward the stopped car.  It’s feet went out from under it and the deer fell like a sack of rocks onto the road and slid under the front end of the parked car – slamming into the undercarriage and denting & cracking a piece of plastic.  There was hair from the deer blowing all over the place and I’m sure the deer had a severe case of road rash.  It finally got it’s bearings scrambled back up on it’s feet and scurried back into the woods from where it came – I would LOVE to know what was running through his mind at that point.

So the young lady who was driving the car was pretty much freaking out and crying, so the guy from our church and I went over to see if she was alright.  We checked out the car and figured that there was not very much damage done.  My friend talked to the young lady and helped calm her down.  He gave his name & phone # just in case her parents or the insurance company doubted her story  (“um oh yeah – mom dad, so the craziest thing happened today – yeah a big ole deer came sprinting out of the woods and slid belly first into the underneath part of my car” ha ha ha – love to see the look on their face)

The young lady seemed to have calmed down and was thankful for us checking on her, and then off she went again.  I knew she was pretty freaked out so I didn’t have the heart to tell her “hey don’t worry that was one of the COOLEST things I have ever SEEN!”  But man it was wild.

So I guess John Deere could add another slogan – not only does nothing RUN like a Deere – nothing SLIDES ON THE PAVEMENT LIKE A DEER either!



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3 responses to “Nothing Runs Like a Deer!

  1. Aaron

    Imagine if it actually was three old guys racing their John Deere lawn mowers out into the street. Now that would have been awesome.

  2. Sam

    Car companies should start marketing deer insurance

  3. V

    That reminds me of an episode of Gilmore girls. Rory (one of the main characters) got hit by a deer while stopped at a stop sign.

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