Twitter Me This, Twitter Me that…

I find it rather amusing – when I constantly update my Facebook status with random quick info about where I will be or what I am doing – people say I am dumb and ask me why I change my status so much, THEN LOW AND BEHOLD someone comes up with a device that basically ALL YOU DO IS UPDATE a little status ALL-DAY LONG – and it is the most genius thing in the world????

Now I am by NO MEANS pulling an Al Gore and trying to say I came up with the concept of Twitter, but I just find it amusing how people perceive things.

I haven’t delved into the world of Twitter yet – don’t have any plans on it any time soon (also not bashing it – I enjoy seeing pics & updates from others), I guess I’ll just keep making quick changes to my FB status and deal with the ridicule of how silly I am!

Till Next time – let me know how you are – but in 140 characters or less – of course!



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3 responses to “Twitter Me This, Twitter Me that…

  1. i’m a big fan of twitter. I do think it’s kind of gay and quirky but I’ve found that I enjoy it.

    I’ve used it for ministry a lot. It’s a great way to mass text my teens. I got them all to follow the teen twitter and now I can spread news quickly.

    you’ll love this video…you must watch it.

    • yo man – that video was HILARIOUS – actually made me laugh out loud – it was so “dead on” with how so many feel about stuff like twitter. But like I said in the post – I am not against it – I totally see some excellent points for it – like the stuff you mentioned. It is just funny how much people DO NEED the affirmation stuff (like was joked about in the video) to the point that it controls their lives. Who knows one day I may rock the twitter scene but for right now – people all up in my facebook profile is all I need ha ha ha ha. Thanks for sharing that man it was a riot. Hope all is lovely back in NC!

  2. Carrie Ann

    I’m all about some twitter these days. CarrieRN, yep that’s me!

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