America – Land of Grand Inventions….

Ladies & Gentlemen I now give to you an invention SO REVOLUTIONARY that there is NO DOUBT will change your life FOREVER!  (well at least that is what THEY think)

**Much appreciation to my friend Dave who found this and posted on his facebook page – I had not seen it before!

Please watch – then check out my post video commentary – then share some of your own – this is “oh so entertaining!”

OH MAN – so here goes:
1) No woman that attractive (first lady) has ever or will ever use this product
2) “Being a Big Guy Has its advantages” – um that phrase is NEVER uttered in dealing with matters of the throne FOR SURE
3) Older lady – I am sorry to break it to you THIS PRODUCT ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT allow you to maintain your dignity – but nice try

This product definitely makes me proud to live in America where we will attempt to “cash in” on EVERY insecurity – but at least it follows the contour of my body – how do they know have they SEEN my body!

BONUS ROUND – for a second I was a lil unsure where this commercial was headed when the lady in the bathtub was using the “get a grip” to get out – I was about to tell her “GET A GRIP” – NO NUDITY allowed!




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4 responses to “America – Land of Grand Inventions….

  1. I think that this will do wonders for my tendonitis…..every once in a while it flares up and I need that extra extension…..haha

  2. Stuart

    Toilet paper is “really archaic and disgusting.” But put it on the end of a wand, and voila, it’s modern and tidy.

    Personally, that seems like it’d make wiping more of a chore. And you wouldn’t have as much precision. Bad idea is bad.

  3. Amanda

    so, do you just get one comfort wipe per toilet and it sits there next to the plunger or is this a personal thing that you carry around with you and keep in your purse or man bag? cause personally, i don’t want to share my comfort wipe with other people…

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