Planes, Trains, and Automobiles…

Okay so there won’t be any trains (or at least no plans for any yet) but I will be taking a plane & then an automobile on a lil journey this weekend.

I am rolling out early in the AM to catch a flight outta the ATL to the RDU – this will be my first time flying “stand-by” so we will see how this works out.  Hopefully I’ll get in sometime during the afternoon.  Then when a friend gets off work we are loading up his ride and heading North.  A good friend and a former student of mine @ NC State that was a leader in our Campus Ministry is getting married in New York.  So we are heading out sometime tomorrow evening to head to Richmond, VA to spend the night with some friends and cut down some of our trip on Friday.

Friday AM we will head out on the approx. 8 hour drive to Liverpool, NY where the wedding will be taking place.  Always pumped to get to visit somewhere that I’ve never been before.  Not to mention I get the great opportunity to see some great friends I haven’t seen in a while!

Then we will pull the long drive back on Sunday and I’ll hang in Raleigh that night to turn around and catch a flight out on Monday sometime to get back to Atlanta.  I’m sure it will all be a whirlwind, but good times will certainly be had by all.  I’m also sure I’ll have some sort of crazy stories to share with ya when I get back – or maybe if you’re lucky (ooo I don’t like that word – let’s say fortunate) I’ll send ya some “mobile blog love” while I’m on the road!

So here’s to everyone enjoying their wonderful 4th of July weekend – Congrats Chris & Beth on the big Wedding Day and best wishes to them and the Hall & Evans’ families!  I am looking forward to seeing awesome things from this young couple in the years to come!


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