Playing some serious Catch-UP!

So I flew back into the ATL on Monday evening – had a lil weather issues and got delayed some.  Thus Monday was totally shot for getting anything done on this end.  Then I had to hit the ground running on Tuesday, but was pretty wore out from the trip and that didn’t happen as quickly as I would have liked.

Jeff & Lisa and the girls were making plans to hit the road heading back to VA and NC, so Tuesday was our only “overlap” day of work.  That always means trying to work out all the details from the weekend before and the weekend ahead.

I had a first meeting of a summer group I am leading on Wednesday night (talk more in another post – cause I am excited about this) and trying to knock out a sermon for this coming Sunday.  So I’ve got lots on my plate.  But this is the reason that the old bloggy-blog has suffered in the last week or so.

I have some stuff I really want to share and I hope to do so in the next couple days now that I am finally catching up some.  So at least here is a lil update of what has been going on with more stuff soon to follow!

Catch ya’ll around soon with some more AWESOME STUFF going on!



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2 responses to “Playing some serious Catch-UP!

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  2. You really do say “bloggy-blog”…

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