The Throw Throw-down is ON!

So I was only SLIGHTLY disturbed to come across the following ad in the ever so beneficial SkyMall Magazine on my recent flight back from Raleigh to Atlanta.

slanketIntroducing (drum roll please…..)  THE SLANKET for only $37.99.

That’s right ladies and gentlemen I said SLANKET – not sure if that is short for “soft-blanket” – “sleeve-blanket” – “sleep-blanket” or “sucky-ripoff of SNUGGIE-blanket” ha ha ha ha ha

Okay – okay so maybe not a sucky ripoff seeing as how it DOES have more color choices than it’s much more widely recognized competitor – That’s right folks – you know them, you love them, you can’t possibly get to your phone or remote while under .5 centimeter thick throw blanket without them – THE SNUGGIE!  snuggie

I mean why in HEAVEN’S NAME would anyone order a SLANKET for $38 when you can get the REAL – ORIGINAL SNUGGIE for a mere $28 – and that’s not all folks – you also get the AMAZING – WAY – TOO – FUTURISTIC – JETSONLIKE – FLIP-OUT READING LIGHT – FOR FREE – FREE – FREE – that’s right – how on earth could you forget about the reading light.  Although I must say it would take some getting used to – that wild robot-like year 2050 technology frightens me every time I see the commercial!

But oh well – once again that is what we in America are all about – CHOICE – having our choice of one crappy sleeve having blanket (and we all know it is basically a cotton/fleece/polyester mix bathrobe being worn backwards without the annoying little rope/tie deal for your midsection).  Thanks America for not only offering up another SOLID product like the “Comfort Wipe” – but also for allowing me the to GRAND CHOICE to decide between the SNUGGIE or it’s evil twin the SLANKET!

OH HECK YEAH – NOW IT’S OFFICIAL – I FOUND A NEWSWEEK SPECIAL  – the SNUGGIE/SLANKET SMACKDOWN – check it out……    my favorite part @ 1:06 of video – “Use it while reading (or drinking wine like the lady – c’mon like ANYONE drinking wine is sitting around in a slanket or snuggie) working at your computer, or watching television” –  OR  while smoking a cig while hanging out on the street – you can do it all cause YOUR ARMS ARE FREEEEEE!!! ha ha ha



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2 responses to “The Throw Throw-down is ON!

  1. Lisa Bennett

    Holy cow – I am on the floor laughing!!!!! “I feel like brown… but royal” You just can’t make this stuff up!

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