Road Construction – the CURSED Blessing!

Road Work SignIt’s interesting to me that it seems everywhere I’ve moved/lived the DOT (Dept. of Transportation) of that area always begins construction soon after I arrive, in close proximity to my home or work.  Once again this happened upon my arrival in Atlanta.

Now some may say – well DUH you live in Atlanta and they will be FOREVER working on the roads and still be nowhere NEAR catching up to the traffic issues.  While that may be true it is still interesting that it always seems to be on the small roads VERY close to my own home or work.  On this occasion it happened to be on the stretch of a few miles of the road that leads right to our office complex.

Now I must say that this stretch of Stilesboro Rd was in DESPERATE need of some widening.  It was CRAZINESS to see the cars lined up for a couple miles every night when I head home.  It made me truly thankful that I did not have to sit in that mess each night, as it was going the opposite direction of where I was heading.  It has also taught me some other things.


It is always funny how people complain and bicker (and I would fall well into this category) when a road system stinks – meaning it needs to be wider or they need to fix potholes or something else that really gripes you every time you drive that road.  But it is more comical at how angry we tend to get with all the lanes being shut down and all the construction going on WHILE they are TRYING TO FIX IT.  We are not happy when it is messed up – we are not happy when they are fixing it – we are just simply not very happy people at times.  The traffic backs up even worse and it seems they will NEVER fix it – and we always seem to be ticked at the lil guy who has to stand in the 100 degree heat and turn the lil “Slow & Stop” signs – like it is his fault what is taking place????

But then a funny thing happens (or at least this is the way it is with me) they start to get close to finishing – you start to notice lanes being reopened, fresh pavement being laid, barrels and cones being moved and then all of a sudden one morning you are on the drive to work and BAM – everything is open – it is like the floodgates of heaven have opened and the angelic hands of the traffic cherubim have reached down to bless you with an unhindered ride to work!!!  It is amazing – It is fantastic – it is well nothing to really thank anyone about.

You see as I was driving today it all of a sudden hit me – man how much I am really thankful that the construction equipment has gone away.  The new fresh pavement and well painted highly visible lines & signs are all where they need to be.  Traffic is flowing well and all is right in the world again.  BUT I just go right back to thinking I DESERVE that or that is the way it is SUPPOSED to be.  I completely forget how frustrated I was and now how HAPPY & THANKFUL I should be that it is all finished.

So it sort of hit me today – how often am I like that with the “Spiritual Construction” that goes on in my life.  How frustrated and angry do I get when the barrels of baggage and cones of chaos are filling my life – when I’m having to wait as they shut down one lane of opportunity to open another as God continues to work out some things to eventually bring about better things in my life?  Only to then turn around and not really be all that thankful when the end result does come.  How often I Complain and how very little do I tend to Celebrate the final finishing touches.

Now I’m not telling you to stop the next time and run up and hug all those totally worn out road construction workers – singing their praises for allowing you a much smoother commute to home or work – but what if we stopped for a moment and remembered the months of frustration we had while it was going on and gave a few minutes of thanksgiving for the grand new road way that makes things much easier and better yet – what if we were able to find ways to do that more often DURING the “SPIRITUAL CONSTRUCTION” phases of our lives.

Oh yeah I can fully admit – the road construction, whether in real life or simply in my faith journey – what a CURSED BLESSING it can be!  Too bad I often simply focus on the CURSED part and fail to remember or be thankful for the BLESSING!


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