The Biblical Response to “TWITTER”

I shared this on a friend’s blog, who has been pressured by countless people to turn his life over to the enigma that is “TWITTER”…..

I finally found it – your BIBLICAL ANSWER about “twitter” – I was reading from The Message today in Psalm 102 – and it hit me (totally sure it was the Holy Spirit guidance too!!!) – check out vs. 7-8 (can be tough since Message doesn’t really “do” verse notations) here it is, and I quote –

“Insomniac, I TWITTER away, mournful as a sparrow in the gutter. All day long my enemies taunt me, while others just curse.”

So you see “twittering” will lead to become an Insomniac – and totally mournful, as a sparrow stuck in the gutter – your enemies will taunt you and others simply curse at you – I mean come on – life is hard enough who needs all that extra junk added to it????

**Today's Public Service Announcement about the "Biblical Answer 
to Twitter" was brought to you by Scripture Twisting Society of 
America - and was Professionally taken OUT OF CONTEXT by 
yours truly - thanks and have a lovely day!
(and now I remove my tongue from my cheek after these comments!)



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2 responses to “The Biblical Response to “TWITTER”

  1. That verse is less than 140 characters so you could actually share that over Twitter if you wanted to

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