Friday, August 4th, 1967

What’s the big deal about that day?  You may be asking!

Well on that day Roger Clemens turned 5 years old, our now President Barack Obama turned 6, and Jazz Legend Louis Armstrong turned 66 – but something even more important for my life took place.  That was the day that Philip Neal Alligood and Ora Jane Scruggs got married and then some 9 years later would bring about one of the greatest gifts this world has ever seen –  THAT’S RIGHT – ME!!!!

So in honor of my mom & dad’s 42nd anniversary – I put together a video about 42 Things that I remember about them or lessons learned.  Some of the items may be the same from the Mother’s Day video and Father’s Day video I did for them this year, but most of it is new material.  I will warn you – this one is about 30 min long – but I think has some pretty cool memories.

So HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM & DAD – with Love from ME!!!


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