C’mon & get “WITH” it!


I wanted to let ya’ll know about a pretty SWEET new series we kicked off this past Sunday!  We took this from a series that Community Christian Church in Naperville, IL did.  We wanted to focus on something dealing with relationships and this fell right in line with what we wanted.  So some stuff is “borrowed” from them and some is all our own doing.  The series is called:   “WITH”

By the way all the graphics and design stuff has come from my GREAT FRIEND BRIAN REED who is a graphic designer in the Wilmington, NC area.  He is a great guy and does pretty SWEET work – so if you are ever looking for someone to do some graphic design stuff then contact me and I can put you in touch with him.

So the main idea or question for the series is “WHO ARE YOU WITH?” – you see we are all “WITH” something or somebody (even if it is ONLY our selves).  Take a humorous look at this idea from a video Community Christian put together:

Our first week we simply asked the question “WHO ARE YOU WITH?” – if you wanna check out the sermon audio then dip over to our MEDIA PAGE and you can listen online or download the sermon from 8/9/09.

The rest of the weeks go a lil like this:

2) I’m With Stupid
3) I’m With Nobody
4) I’m With Them!

So keep check on our website for the sermons or even back here as I may post a lil more about each specific week!  Also to share some sweet videos that we have to show!



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