9) Original “WISE GUYS”! Matthew 2:1-12

Join me as I take a walk through the pages of Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John, (aka the “Gospels”) in a Chronological Order and try to grow closer to, and learn more about Jesus.  Feel free to go back and read the INTRO ABOUT THIS SERIES to understand where all this came from for me.

wise guys Today’s episode is all about the “ORIGINAL WISE GUYS” and no I don’t mean like the mob families we see on tv.  I’m talking about men that were called MAGI – also known as “wise men”.  Our passage is found in Matthew 2:1-12 and is a continuing part of the story of Jesus being born into the human world.

These wise men were believed to possibly be astrologers from Eastern Lands, who would have studied the writings of ancient prophecies.  They would have been well versed in the writings such as Micah 5:2 which called for the Christ or Messiah of the Jewish people to be born in a small town called Bethlehem.  So these men traveled to this region in search of this baby King to be.  They started with what would be the most logical, but turns out this time to also be the most dangerous place.

They stopped to visit with King Herod in hopes that he could provide more information on where this baby had been born.  Herod was a pretty wicked king and wasn’t really pumped to be thinking about a new king being born to take his place.  So Herod tried to act cool with the wise men there and told them to go and find out where the child was and then come back to let him know so that he could also go and worship this new king to be.  (makes me wonder how he was able to do so with a straight face)

So the wise men went on and found the baby, brought Jesus some gifts.  The funny thing about this to me is that THEY SO DIDN’T FIND JESUS in a stable like just about EVERY CHURCH CHRISTMAS PLAY HAS EVER SHOWN.  Maybe you’ve been to some kid’s Christmas play and watched the nativity scene, Mary, Joseph, Jesus, the animals, the angels, the shepherds and then the wise men show up, nah it didn’t happen that way!  Instead this episode was happening quite some time after Jesus’ birth and now Mary and Joseph were in a house there in Bethlehem.

The end of this section let’s us see God’s protection of His Son in the fact that the wise men were warned in a dream NOT to go back by to see old Herod, that it was a trick and Herod only wanted to harm the baby.  (As you read more of this story later you find out JUST HOW TICKED Herod got and what his answer was to the situation – a pretty horrific display).


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