Freedom of Speech or Freedom for Stupidity!

Hey Everyone – so here is this week’s FUNNY FRIDAY VIDEO – this was brought to my attention by a friend.  This is ABSOLUTELY A TRAIN WRECK OF RANDOM FLOW OF THOUGHT (using that term very loosely).

How in the WORLD did no one stop her?  WAS SHE SERIOUS? Check it out:  The whole clip is about 5 min but the original clip is being shown on a show, so the girl at the council meeting runs only till about 2:40 and is awesome stuff – then the people on the show make fun of it for a little while.  So you don’t have to watch the whole thing.



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4 responses to “Freedom of Speech or Freedom for Stupidity!

  1. I knew I always loved the west coast… free food & land… & the ability to make stuff & stuff… as opposed to the slavery on the east coast. Please tell me she thought her audience was living in the 19th century…

  2. Tallon

    Wow… That is one city council meeting I would be willing to go to. 😀

  3. OUT of control.

    The slavery part was my favorite. Wow.

    • yeah I must say I’ve lived East Coast all my life – do we struggle with being “stuck” in the past when it comes to race relations – yeah sometimes – do we still endorse slavery? Um I don’t think so – but I love how she snuck in “Made in China” as well – WHO KNEW that we on the east coast are big fans of stuff “Made in China” – but thanks to her and the “New” west coast and the glorious “UNION” to be able to set us straight! ha ha ha ha ha good stuff for sure – makes Educators all across this great nation proud to be doing their jobs!

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