Now THAT’S Funny!

Okay so remember about 3 weeks ago I posted about a “big secret” – well now the “cat is outta the bag” and it’s time let the rest of ya’ll in on it.

I’m finally taking some time to do something I’ve sort of always wanted to do, and have also had other people tell me that I might be good at – so I’ve done it – I’ve paid the money and set the dates in stone (or whatever you call it when you put it on ical on your computer and phone).

stand up comedy I’ve signed up for a Stand-up Comedy Workshop!!!  That’s right it’s time to unleash my twisted mind on the grand stage of Stand-up!  I’d like to thank my buddy Vince Antonucci, who is planting a church out in Las Vegas for going through the process, which sort of gave me that last nudge to be willing to try it.

There is a long-time comedian – Jeff Justice – who lives in this area and teaches workshops for people that want to do everything from improving their public speaking, to becoming better at being an emcee for an event, to actually attempting to get into the world of Stand-Up Comedy.

Who knows where this may go – but it is something I’ve always had an interest in.  I love watching comedians, love comedy in general, and think it would be a BLAST to give it a shot.  Not to mention it will just be a great way to help with different methods of improving my public speaking which is something I’ll probably do for the rest of my life.

This will also be a GREAT WAY to connect with people that may have NO CONNECTION to church and/or God at all.  It will put me in a circle of people in which I don’t travel very often so I’m excited about that as well.

punchline comedy clubSo starting on Tuesday, Sept. 8th and for the ncxt 5 weeks I will spend about 3 to 3.5 hours each week for 4 weeks in “classes” about doing Stand-Up.  Then the last week and a half we spend doing “rehearsels” for our graduation night.  On MONDAY, October 12th @ 6:30 PM each class participant will do a Stand-Up set @ “THE PUNCHLINE” comedy club in Sandy Springs, GA.

So pray for me as I jump into this FULL-FORCE!  Keep check back as I try and keep ya updated with what’s going on.  AND if you are in the ATL area and would love to come out and support me on October 12th – check out the following link and you can order tickets for the “Graduation Show”.  Should be wild times to say the least.  And maybe just maybe at some point you will think to yourself “NOW THAT’S FUNNY!!!



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2 responses to “Now THAT’S Funny!

  1. lsaufley

    I LOVE it! You’ll be great at stand-up Neal!

  2. Mel-O

    Shut UP Neal!!! … (I mean, STAND up) ..haha. Noalligo, this is awesome. Maybe we could have a guest speaker at CCF one night this year, and you can practice. Should I get your autograph now, or later?

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