Headed to the “MOTHERLAND”

Tuesday, 8/18 – and I’ll be “leaving on a jet plane” but I DO KNOW when I’ll be back again.  I’m headed back to the “motherland” good ole Elizabeth City, NC. I’m flying out of the ATL to Newport News and then traveling with a friend back down to E City.  I’m really looking forward to heading back and being a part of the opening week activities @ MACU (Mid-Atlantic Christian University).

I have the great privilege of getting to speak @ MACU’s Chapel service on Wednesday morning.  Hopefully challenging the Staff/Faculty and student body for the upcoming year ahead.  I TRULY LOVE getting these types of opportunities as MACU holds a very special place in my heart & heritage.

The rest of the week I’ll be hanging out and meeting students and friends to just take in all the excitement of the first week of classes.  I am also going to be having some meetings about some possible new avenues for some of the Alumni of the University to be on campus and to give back at future events.  I think some GREAT THINGS will come of this time of fellowship and planning together.

I’ll also get the chance to spend time with my parents who still live there in town and work there at the school.  I’ll get to see long time friends and family who are there and also spend some great time with some other friends who live in town.  The highlight of some of this will be getting to go back and play volleyball with some very DEAR friends of mine whom I’ve not seen in a while and have not been able to play ball with in YEARS & YEARS – so it should be good times!

Then I’ll be heading back to the ATL on Saturday 8/22 to be back and ready for the next round of our “WITH” series here @ Christ’s Church at Cobb, on Sunday 8/23 – really excited about that!

So I’m not sure how much ONLINE time I’ll get this week but I’ve tried to leave ya some posts to get ya through the week.  Catch ya around sometime soon!


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