Ordinary Water or Extraordinary Wine?

Last week I had the honor and privilege to head back to the area where I grew up.  I told about this in a post before I left.  I had a great time visiting on the campus of Mid Atlantic Christian University, which included getting a chance to speak in chapel.

It had been laid on my heart to challenge the students, faculty, and staff with a message from the story of Jesus changing water into wine at a wedding in Cana.  The overiding theme of the message was – “are we settling for just being ordinary water OR are we allowing Jesus to transform us into EXTRAORDINARY WINE”???

fresh water drop red wine

If you are interested you can check out the message here (click on link to hear message in real time OR right-click on link and click “download as” or “save as” and you can save to your computer)Neal’s MACU Chapel Message 8-19-09

Now remember this message was written & spoken with a SPECIFIC audience in mind and some of the stories deal directly with the heritage of the college.  I do believe we all can get something out of it and be challenged to seek Jesus’ transformation in our own lives.  Also since you were not actually there – I used some visuals to help “pound home the point”.

stone water potsI had 6 “waterpots” up on the stage (my dad borrowed them from Lowe’s – thanks Dad & Lowe’s ha ha) – these were not nearly as large as the ones from the passage found in Luke 2:1-11 but they gave a good idea.

I also had 3 “wine glasses” on stage – I poured cloudywater goblets water into the 1st glass, then poured water into a water purifier pitcher and then poured that purified/clear water into the 2nd wine glass, then finally poured grape juice “wine” into a 3rd glass that I ladled out of one of the large water pots on stage.  If you listen to the message it makes more sense.

I challenged both the audience and myself with the idea that we must be like the: 1) Water pots and be AVAILABLE 2) Servants and be OBEDIENT 3) and to be CHANGED AGENTS (water) and then help be CHANGE AGENTS (Jesus) in the lives of others.

So I am asking myself and hopefully you will be willing to ask YOURSELF – “Will I settle for being ORDINARY WATER or let Jesus TRANSFORM me into EXTRAORDINARY WINE?”

So that is a lil glimpse into some of what took place last week!  I had a grand time spending with friends and family from MACU and around town and am truly thankful to have had the opportunity to do so!


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