12) If a Voice Calls in the Desert, does it make sound?

Join me as I take a walk through the pages of Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John, (aka the “Gospels”) in a Chronological Order and try to grow closer to, and learn more about Jesus.  Feel free to go back and read the INTRO ABOUT THIS SERIES to understand where all this came from for me.

Today’s episode is actually found in 3 different Gospel accounts – Matthew 3:1-12, also in Mark 1:1-8, and then the longest passage of which I’ll focus more on for my reading, Luke 3:1-18.

Old John the Baptist was a pretty strange dude – but God had set him apart from the time he was born to do some pretty INCREDIBLE THINGS!  The things that John were doing now had been prophesied about hundreds of years before by Isaiah – that John would be a “Voice of one calling in the desert – to prepare the way for the Lord” – that is JESUS.  Man what an awesome responsibility and exciting adventure.

John had been sent to preach a baptism of REPENTANCE for the FORGIVENESS of sins.  This didn’t set too well with the religious leaders of the day but John didn’t back down – it’s almost as if he ENJOYED the confrontations, because he had a boldness given by God.  I love that John here didn’t just let them off with saying “oh yeah just get wet with baptism and talk a good game with saying you confess of sins and that you also repent” – he told them their ACTIONS needed to show a changed life (SEE what REPENTANCE means) – that they needed to bear good fruit!

As we finish out this episode John then turns to task of “TELLING ABOUT JESUS” – he lets the people know the difference between himself and the ONE who is going to come.  I also love that it says the people “were waiting EXPECTANTLY” but John made it clear that he was NOT the coming, promised Messiah.

I guess we have found out that if a voice calls in the desert – it DOES make a sound! In fact a sound that would be heard for generations and throughout the ages and all over the world – a sound of the GOOD NEWS about Jesus, about Jesus’ love for us and the WAY BACK TO THE FATHER that only HE can provide.  May we now all live – “WAITING EXPECTANTLY” to see Him return to take those, who have chosen HIM, to live with the Father & Son for all eternity!


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