I’m WITH Nobody!

This coming Sunday – 8/30/09 we will get to our FINAL INSTALLMENT of our “WITH” series.  So to catch you up I wanted to share last week’s recap that was called – “I’m WITH Nobody!” We took a look at the harsh reality of times where we feel all alone.

Jeff shared a message (which can be found on our MEDIA PAGE – click on link for 8/23/09 or right click and save to your computer) from a passage about Paul‘s life.  Found in 2 Timothy 4:9-18.

We see that Paul was nearing the end of his life & ministry and was facing some very tough circumstances.  His friends & co-workers had deserted him, he knew he was about to die, he was imprisoned for serving God.  Paul was feeling all alone – he was WITH NOBODY.  Or at least it seemed that way – but we are to understand that God was WITH HIM – and soon others would come and be with him and bring him comfort.  This is a good reminder for us all, since we all find ourselves at times feeling all alone.  I believe this was a GREAT MESSAGE and would encourage anyone to stop and take a listen to it.

At the very end after his message we showed this awesome video by a group called Playing For Change – to hammer home the idea that we all have a desire to have people “stand by us”

**This also counts as my FRIDAY VIDEO – killing 2 birds with 1 stone!


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