The Theme song from “Happy Days”…

keeps playing in my head as I think about the upcoming week.  As I mentioned in a RECENT POST.  I’ve had a pretty crazy last month.  This week ahead will sort of be the topper.

So I just keep hearing “Sunday – Monday –  Happy Days –  Tuesday  –  Wednesday –  Happy Days  –  Thursday  –  Friday  –   Happy Days –  Saturday, What a Day!  All my dreams come true!!!”

So here’s what it looks like:

Yesterday – Sunday, 10/4 – We had our BIG DAY OF SERVICE – that I think went over well.

Monday – 10/5 – trying to recoup and focus on a lil office work and follow-up from our service day.  Also while finalizing my final 4 minute comedy routine because I have my first REHEARSAL of the routine tonight @ a 4 hour edition of our class.

Tuesday – 10/6 will be my ONLY day to really spend much time on office work and focusing on our upcoming Sunday plans to kick off a new series called “Soul Revolution” – we are REALLY REALLY REALLY excited about it!  That evening I am going over to my sister’s house to keep Madison & Macy while mom & dad get to hit up the awesome U2 concert here in the ATL.  We also have some SWEET – LIFE-LONG friends coming into town that will get in that evening as well.

Wednesday – 10/7 – time to “rise & shine” nice and early as our gang of guys from C3 head out @ 6 AM again to Charlotte, NC for another installment of our “Church Unique” consulting lab.  I have to pack a bag for what takes place the rest of the week and leave my car on the North side of the ATL.  We will get back into town about 9 PM that evening but only to pick up my car and head to a hotel over on the north side.      BECAUSE

Thursday – 10/8 will be the first full day of the “CATALYST CONFERENCE” here in the ATL over at the Gwinnett Center.  Some of our staff and a BUNCH of our friends in ministry will be heading this way to experience a couple great days of fellowship, worship, encouragement, and instruction.  Back to the hotel that evening.

Friday – 10/9 will finish up the conference and finally get to head back to the homestead to crash a lil while and attempt to go over my final comedy material – BECAUSE

Saturday – 10/10 from about 10 AM till around 2:30 PM or so we will have our whole class dress-rehearsal as the FINAL STEP before the big performance.  This is so hard to believe it is actually time for this to take place, but I’m feeling more ready as the days go on.  (I had better be since like 26 or more of my friends and family will be there for the live performance aaggghhhh!)

Later that afternoon some friends from the campus ministry group I worked with back in NC are coming into town to spend their fall break and also planning to stay around for the comedy performance.  I’ll also go over any final plans & details for our Sunday morning kickoff of “Soul Revolution” also hoping to go over notes/plans for my community group meeting on Sunday night.

Sunday – 10/11 up & at ’em for regular setup by meeting @ School by 7:30 AM and then rolling through our Sunday service – hopefully seeing lots of new faces and friends that have been invited to hear this exciting challenge.  We have some cool videos & elements planned.  We also will show a video from our “Day of Service” from this past Sunday – as well as take up our “Mina Challenge Offering”.

After church I might get a lil while to crash – but not much – then off to my community group gathering that evening.

MONDAY 10/12 – the BIG DAY HAS FINALLY ARRIVED – I will handle some office work & a staff meeting earlier that morning and then try and get prepared for the big comedy show that evening.  I have to be over @ the Punchline Comedy Club around 6 PM to begin getting ready for the “BIG SHOW” which starts @ 8 PM!

Who knows what time I’ll get home that night & no telling how wired and exhausted all at the same time I’ll be.  Hopefully leading to a lil bit of a crash and sleep in on Tuesday Morning!

So if you think about it this week – and wouldn’t mind doing so – I could really use some extra prayers lifted up.  That I use my time wisely – that I don’t just “go through the motions” and that I do all things with EXCELLENCE in a way to HONOR Christ!

Then and only then will it truly be “HAPPY DAYS”!!!


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