I NEED your HELP!!!

Hey people – I have the early stages of a SPECIAL PROJECT bouncing around in my head right now.  But to really get things rolling I need to gather some information.

Here is where YOU come in – I have a TOTALLY ANONYMOUS ONLINE SURVEY I need to get some serious feedback on.

If you are SINGLE or RECENTLY MARRIED (within last 2 years) and would be willing to take a survey – maybe take 15 min or so – it is about 10 questions.

Please CLICK ON THIS LINK and take the survey – be brutally honest and it will help me a great deal.  People of ALL WALKS OF LIFE – I just need vast amounts of feedback!

THANKS THANKS THANKS – SO MUCH for your help – this could be the beginning of something HUGE and you all will play a VITAL ROLE!



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2 responses to “I NEED your HELP!!!

  1. If it’s TOTALLY anonymous, how do you know old married people won’t fill it out anyway…? I’d help you out but I’m a year past the cut off, apparently. 🙂

    • Guess there is no guarantee people won’t be punks about this ha ha ha – but at least I get to collect the data and if I think something is fishy then I can throw it out! ha ha ha Yeah too bad – you all are just OLD MARRIED PEOPLE HAVING BABIES NOW! ha ha ha

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